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Private and Semi-Private Dance Lessons For Your First Dance

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A Few Words About Private Wedding Dance Lessons

We've got to confess: private wedding dance lessons are pretty darn fun! There's music, there's your sweetheart, and there's a happy teacher letting you in on some new secrets to having a swell time... :-) Okay, we probably sound a little giddy, but... well, we are! We really like teaching wedding dance lessons, and that makes it a great experience for you. (Our students will back us up on this--they report that their dance lessons are one the best parts of getting ready for the wedding!)

In all honesty, we make sure that you enjoy yourself and really feel comfortable (even excited!) about your wedding dance. And that's important because the first dance is a big part of the reception. Guests wait until the bride and groom have had their first dance before getting on the dance floor. They are expecting you to dance, and in fact the party won't get started until you've had your spotlight moment.

What Are Private Wedding Dance Lessons?

Private dance lessons are just the two of you and your instructor, working together with your chosen song to create the kind of dance you want. You can choose plain or fancy, elegant or flashy, romantic or playful. You can choose to have set choreography created especially for you, or learn a handful of fun, stylish moves and just "cut a rug" in your own way for your spotlight moment. The possibilities are endless!

How Does Scheduling Work?

You choose your dates and times--it's as simple as that. Private lessons allow you to choose times that work for you. With everything you have to do, it's nice to have scheduling flexibility! Most group dance classes have fixed times and dates, but private lessons are completely up to you. You can have a different lesson time each week, or you can take a few lessons, then practice on your own for a while and reserve a last lesson as a refresher right before your wedding.

What's Included In Private Wedding Dance Lesson Programs?

Our private lesson dance programs are something special! Besides your wonderful lessons, we include a bunch of great goodies:

Private Wedding Dance Lesson Programs

Easy Elegance Wedding Dance This package is perfect for a beautiful, simple dance with an elegant entrance and ending. It includes 6 one-hour lessons and all the extras. Choose your song beforehand, or we can help you figure out the best option if you're undecided. You'll learn fun moves in the dance style that fits it best, plus what you need to look smooth, relaxed and natural.
Stunning in the Spotlight Wedding Dance Want to impress your guests, do a "surprise dance" or just have way more fun at your reception? The sky's the limit here! This program is the most popular choice for brides and grooms preparing for their first dance. It includes 10 one-hour lessons as well as all the extras. You'll learn more moves to make a more glamorous and exciting dance, and add extra polish and sophistication to look and feel great in the spotlight.
If you'd like to learn a second style of dance (swing or salsa perhaps?), or get creative with a song medley, this program is a must. It will give you the time you need to master your first dance, plus expand your repertoire in any other dance you choose so you can have the best night ever!

Single Private Wedding Dance Lessons
(a.k.a. "Emergency" Private Wedding Dance Lessons)

If you're in a hurry, these can be a lifesaver! 2-3 lessons can relieve quite a bit of last-minute dance stress. Even one lesson will help you feel more confident about dancing in front of the crowd. Don't be afraid to call if you're down to the wire. We can work wonders without you feeling like you've added too much to your plate.

Semi-Private Dance Lessons

Semi-private lessons are shared private lessons, for example, you might like to bring your parents or wedding attendants with you. They are customized to the dance style you'd like to learn, and you learn at your own pace. Family semi-privates are especially popular for weddings!