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Photo of Liz O'Grady

Liz O'Grady

Liz O'Grady, founder, is one of the most popular wedding dance instructors in San Diego. She has been dancing since high school, has a BA in Music, and has taught hundreds (probably thousands!) of people to dance. Liz loves the thrill of seeing the light bulb go on for her students as they learn. She has taught private, semi-private and class lessons, as well as huge groups for private and corporate events.

Liz has been interviewed for several major wedding magazines, including Brides and San Diego Weddings. She has also made guest appearances on several local tv stations as a wedding dance expert. At the moment, she is finishing a book based on her experiences teaching dance.

Photo of Liz O'Grady

Besides choreography for wedding dances, Liz has contributed to various ballroom, lindyhop and cabaret performance groups around San Diego, including the Millennium Show, American Boogie Patrol, Lindyhop San Diego, Bon-Bon Cabaret, and Rueda San Diego. She has also assisted with choreography for community and school theater projects, as well as fundraising events for San Diego chapters of non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross and Kids Corp.

Dance Photo by Doug McMinimy Dance Portraiture