Wedding Dance Bride and Groom

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions not answered here, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

What should we wear?
Dress comfortably so you can move! The studio atmosphere is pretty informal. We do recommend that you bring or wear shoes similar to the ones you'll be wearing at your wedding, or you can bring your actual wedding shoes. It's a great way to break them in and get used to dancing in them at the same time.
What should we bring?
You should bring your song/s (phone, iPod, tablet, laptop, cd are all fine formats), as well as bottled water and/or light snacks or an energy bar. It's also helpful to bring info about where your dance will happen (approximate floor dimensions and surface, and any unusual room features like columns) so we can help you develop a clear sense of how your dance will fit on the floor.
We haven't finalized our first dance song yet. How should we handle that?
That's okay. If you're still deciding between a few songs, you're welcome to bring them all and test them out. If you don't have a song chosen but have a general sense of the style you'd like, we may be able to give you some fresh ideas. Or if you have no idea, you can check out our Wedding Dance Songs list as a starting place.
My partner and I have different levels of experience. Is that going to be okay?
Yes, that's fine. You will each receive coaching and tips to suit your unique level of experience, while keeping the focus on the goal of having you dance well together. And there's a good chance we'll be reminding you to be patient with each other. :-)
How early should we start learning to dance?
When to start depends on 1) your scheduling, and 2) your goal for your dance. Generally it's best to estimate your timeline based on taking one lesson every week, plus leave a couple extra weeks for "wiggle room" in case of surprises or changes. So for example, if the "Simply Stunning" Program (10 lessons) best suits your ideal wedding dance, plan to start at least 12 weeks before your wedding date. If you know you'll be traveling or unavailable for part of the time, add extra time for that, too.
Occasionally, our students prefer to leave two weeks between each lesson. That can also work, as long as you know you'll be practicing during that time. ;-)
Help--my fiance/e lives out of town! Can we still learn to dance together?
For students who live in different cities, you're welcome to schedule lessons closer together for when you're both in town. For example, you can schedule two lessons in one weekend for a couple months, plus have one final lesson right before the wedding. We can take reservations up to a year in advance. (Note: We will make sure you have a clean video of your dance on your device so that you can still practice on your own when apart.) Several of our students have used this method with great success.
How big is the "Ballroom Basics for Weddings" class? Will we get one-on-one help?
The class is usually only 2-8 couples. We keep it small on purpose to ensure that each couple gets one-on-one attention from the instructor.
Note: We do have a minimum of 2 couples to hold the class. In the event that people cancel and you are the only couple registered, the class will be converted to a 60-minute private lesson. (If we're able to notify you in advance that you are the only ones registered, you may also elect to apply your class tuition toward a future date or to one of our programs.)
Will we be changing partners in class? We don't want to do that.
There is no partner changing required in class. Sometimes students will change partners with their family members if they are also attending. Occasionally we invite everyone to switch during the first exercise to simply meet your classmates if it seems appropriate, but it is never required to switch. Most of the time, you'll be with your sweetie for 100% of the class.
Can we video our class or private lesson to help us remember what to practice?
Yes! For each class, we will do a summary demo at the end of everything that was covered that you can video. It's an excellent way to remember your moves and supplement your take-home Practice Guide. (We prefer that you not record the class for the entire duration as a courtesy to the other students who may not feel quite ready for their "close-up." ;-) ) You may record your entire private lesson if you choose, or we can help you with an end-of-session summary for this, too.
What is your refund policy?
As long as you cancel at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled class or private lesson, you can reschedule with no penalty, or request a refund if necessary. For a missed class or late cancellation notice, we will refund the cost minus a $25 cancellation fee. There will be no refund for a missed or late-notice private lesson.
Can we have a private workshop with just our family and/or wedding party members?
Yes, certainly. You can have your very own custom workshop if you like. You can also arrange to take several semi-private lessons (info at end of page) with your group. Just contact us and we'll help you create the perfect plan for your family and friends.
Is there anything else we should know?
Even though the movement is not strenuous, 1-2 hours of focused learning is some serious mental exercise! We recommend eating a healthy meal 30-60 minutes before class to feed your brain. And you're welcome to bring a snack or energy bar for a little boost, too. Other than that, get ready to have fun and be delighted at what you can accomplish! :-)